USA Kettlebell (IKLF)

Kettlebell Training is an excellent way to lose weight, increase strength and muscle endurance and generally rock your body, and it’s no wonder. Unlike barbells or dumbbells, kettlebells have a weighted ball or “bell” with a handle on top; the weight is uneven which forces your body to engage more muscle groups to complete the movements. They are small, easy to store and a single kettlebell can provide a calorie-burning, muscle-pumping total body workout.

Our competition Kettlebell Team competes in BOLT events on a local, state and national level. BOLT was developed in Denver, CO and measures the athlete’s overall work capacity within the frame of its lifts and events. Athletes are scored on the total volume lifted in various events ranging from 5 to 40 minutes. Ranked events include Snatch, Clean and Jerk (Long Cycle), Single and Double Jerk, Double Clean and Jerk, Double Half Snatch and more. Competitors choose their lift and the weight of their Kettlebell and are scored on total volume (number of reps x weight of chosen Kettlebell). Competitors include kids, teens, men and women of all ages.

If you’re interested in competitive Kettlebell lifting, please see one of our coaches.